Borges presents a dream team: walnut drink and sport

Why is walnut drink the perfect match for sports? Whether you enjoy team sports, jogging, gym time or cycling, walnut drink can give you an extra boost with a wide variety of nutrients that your body needs.

It’s packed with antioxidants

Antioxidants enter the bloodstream to boost cell activity and eliminate free radicals that can be created during exercise.

It strengthens the heart

If there’s one nut that’s vital for a healthy heart it’s the walnut. Several scientific studies have shown that walnuts help reduce risk of damage to the heart, a muscle that goes into overdrive whenever you’re active. Eating walnuts every day (and there are five in every glass of walnut drink), is key for protecting it. In addition, they help firm up internal artery walls, essential for proper blood flow.

It stimulates muscles

Borges Natura Rice & Walnut Drink contains phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and copper – minerals that activate muscles and help them to contract and dilate better, make them more flexible, and provide them with more energy.

It’s filling

Walnut drink is absorbed slowly, allowing you to feel full for an extended time after drinking it. A walnut drink smoothie with fruit or vegetables packs a powerful energy punch, meaning you won’t feel like snacking between meals.

It combats fatigue

Packed with B vitamins, walnuts are great for combating fatigue and stress. Keep some on hand to enjoy during a break or after exercise to rejuvenate yourself and regain lost energy.

It’s rich in fiber

Fiber helps slow down the uptake of carbs, which makes walnuts an excellent source of long-term energy, thanks to their high glycaemic index.

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